Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jason McLean

How long have you been making art? What got you started?

i started making art for birthday parties ....doing a lot of tracing of cartoon images
i am 37 i guess i would have been about maybe 6 yrs old

started?hmmmmm i guess my mom's elvis scrap book and my dad's car homemade car ads
really got cooking when i was in an special art public school and ms. lonkey pushed me

allison moss at the waffle house, 2005, 20 x 12 inches

You're currently in Vancouver, but are mo
ving to Toronto. Why did you decide to make that move?
my family and i wanted change, the dtes in east side was wering' on us the house prices
being closer to family in the east sounded interesting after being away for 17 years
and being closer to major centres nyc and montreal and chicago
we'll see how long the move last my wife heather likes mls.ca

What is your process like? What materials/tools do you u
process varies on project, the other day i was thinking of drawing on lettuce with a sharpie
so it can be day to day venacular(?)sp i listen and sample alot
and work in different settings, i walk alot...chance plays a big role
tools vary more than you'd think at times it goes from buying food to finding things
i do use acrylic inks and radiograph black i go shopping for art supplies in non art stores

dull silent night, 2006

Does music play a role in what you make? What music do you listen to?
i listen to music ....i play music kinda usually with costumes....
i have some stuff i did with mathieu malouf(modern dad single dad )on my website
i am doing a taking tape called double dad-lots of rambling story telling with mark delonge

recorded in a dark room with furs---watch out london ontario

listen too-----what
i buy music sometimes at the er room in vancouver usualy go for the packaging

like listening to gangstar rap in lee's car and singing ninja turtle songs with my oldest son felix

usta' listen to old art bell programs on coast to coast ever night even got on the air one night

noise(90's) japanese, john cage and david tutor, whale music floppy discs
78 childrens music, bob dylan.....i'm not on facebook band

Who inspires you?
john candy, andy kaufman,basquiat, spelling mistakes,my mom's cooking
robert dayton and july fourth toilet
solder and sons shop in vancouver, the kaos of the dtes
small press books, non -alcoholic beer, carman and donald's market the positive energy

oh and darrin macadam-rusty clay and british man friend

What do you like to do in your spare time?
spare time? hang out with my kids and pick danelions
my brother wants me to go jet sking if he eats a vietnamiese sub
i like to wander(flauneur? sp)

i like to look at fashion---

i do telphone banking

i don't know when spare time is
i like to sleep and dream,dream ,dream

You use a lot of words and wordplay in your word, are they just things that rattle around in your mind or is there a larger message?
eye of the beholder? whatever that means
i would like to learn italian and more french i started learning some spanish with my friend igor
i would like to incorp. other lanugages
the word play might of come from not being able to spell
i like many meanings not just one
confusion-jibber jabber

one drop in the bucket, 2007, 8 x 6 feet

Quite of your sculptures involve sports equipment, are you a big sports fan? Are you going to hip-check me?
sports early on for me in like was key---lots of golf
i like painting on leather--rich people like sports haha
greg curnoe influence sports and art-awakwardness is fun

You put out an amazing amount of books. What is it about stapled pages that makes you excited?
you haven't seen half of them
it is a addiction at times-sometimes it fight of the urge to go to the casino
i don't know that much about putting books together
thay' are not zines and never will be
nog a dog nation'

trade i like trades and collecting

Whats your relationship with Mark Delong like? How do you two know each other?
double dads we ust to shoot hoops and bet
we go to the casino on bike rides

our kids hangout and we use to have wing night with the canuck games
we met thru his better half katie

it's be sad not to live in the same city as mark

though there is always the phone

title t.b.a. (locket), 2007, 4 x 6 x 2 inches

Is there anyone else you'd like to collab with in the future?
mainly dead people
i always wanted to work with jim henson
i want to do a kids cbc tv show
with friends from all over

a poetry book with my mom this has been in the making for a while
i like to make work with as the all-star schnauzer band again
this will happen when i move out east
1987-the future

Any dream goals you'd like to undertake in the future?
home in nyc
drink beer when i'm 55 with my kids
be happy with heather copeland
find religion

not have a sore neck

live in the same house for 10 years

live forever

Last words?
the end..thanks it has been fun

p.s don't let the sun catch you crying

sometimes y, 2007, 15 x 10 inches

You can see more of Jason's work at his website.

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