Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mark Delong

How long have you been making art? What got you started?
I've been making artwork most of my life. I could draw a square Frankensteins and dragons when i was young. I once traded a jumbo bag of M&M's for a drawing; it was an image of a demon hanging on a cross.

Did you go to school for art? Where did you go?
No I didn't go to art school. I graduated high school, i hated school, they gave me a small tree as a graduation gift, everybody got one. I planted it in a flower bed on the way to the mall and never looked back.

What is your process like? What materials/tools do you u
I draw on the computer and then print images,connect them to make large work and then paint and collage into the inkjets. I have been doing this for a few years now. I also paint on masonite and work with plaster.I had a dream just last night about a funland and stubby beers; there was all this artwork and some of it was really nice. When I woke up I remembered some of the pieces and they were ok, a few stinkers but still some usable ideas. I like to use imagery from TV too, like paintings you see on the walls in the background. I like the big painting that Frasier Crane has on his wall,the one with the stripes; I've used the scale and some other elements of that piece in my own large pieces.

Who inspires you?
I'm inspired by lots of different people, artists, TV stars, Americans, animals, Alan Alda, cartoonists and my kids.

You've put out some books through Nieves. How did that come about?
I did a book for them in 2006 called "I Don't Love you Gene,I love Eugene".
Then Jason Mclean and I did one Called "Melanie Sheepwash", it was a split book, half Jason and half myself. They are really great to work with and Jason and I have been working on another one that will come out sometime this year or next.

You were also a part of Nog A Dod, explain what that whole process was like.
I was only part of Nog a Dod a small bit. A thing here and there, I'm fairly new to Vancouver; born and raised in New Brunswick.

Whats your relationship with Jason McLean like? How do you two know each other?
Jason and I met at a Jerk with a Bomb show, I gave him a flyer for a show I had upcoming at the Sugar Refinery, it was love at first sight. We have collaborated on quite a few things over the years and our kids play together; they have a band called the Double Boys. Jason is moving to Toronto soon, I will only have two friends left when he leaves. What does that even mean,Toronto?

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I really don't have any spare time, but some late nights Jason and I go to the casino or get some hot eats/cool treats.

Is there anyone else you'd like to collab with in the future?
I'm not sure, maybe something with someone that has resources or skills that I don't have like a screen printer or a musician.

Who is making work these days that you like? what music do you listen to?
I like Jim Shaw, S.P Ehman,Joey Haley, Jason Mclean, Jaret Penner, Dan Colen, Laura Owens, there are lots of people that make art that I like. Lately I have been listening to audio books but i listen to all the regular stuff in music, nothing special. Some oldies. I don't really like static and people mumbling into underwater mics and all of that.

Any dream goals you'd like to undertake in the future?
I would like to take the kids to Yellowstone national park.

Last words?
Thanks, good stuff. Nice to talk to you.

To see more of Mark's work, check out his website.

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