Sunday, August 26, 2007


Last weekend was the Toronto Comics Art Festival, with people from all over showing off their comics and related things. I was really excited to make the trip out and see friends and pick up some things from the people who interested me who were going to be attending. I think in the near future I'll start to do some reviews or give things to people I know to write some reviews.

Friday night, Deforge and I wandered over to Innis College Town Hall to check out the Doug Wright Awards and the talk with Chester Brown and Seth ribbing Joe Matt about his lifestyle choices and reminiscing about old times. I tried to record the talk with a tape recorder that I picked up just for that purpose with the intent of putting it up here. Sadly there was mic trouble and the tape recorders internal microphone wasn't really sensitive at all. Anyway, it was pretty interesting to see their dynamic going, with Seth as theaggressor and Joe just kind of trying to make excuses for the things he was being accused of with Chester sitting there smiling and agreeing with Seth.

After the talk the three of them did a signing of their books. I got a few things signed and had Chester judge my later edition of Matt's Peepshow book and the cracking binding of his Louis Riel. It was kind of funny to have him analyzing my books, you can tell he is a collector.

The second day was pretty fun walking around checking things out and buying the things that caught my eye. I'll start the reviews soon, I promise.

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